Snappy’s Back in Town

Ed Morgan, Jack Skammels, Colleen Farrissey in Westport, Mass

New girlfriend seated on far right, old high-school girlfriend looming over New Girlfriend.


Friends and girlfriends, old and new
At the top of the picture are Ed Morgan and Jack Skammels, long-time cronies of Snappy-san. It was at this swanky Westport, Mass party that Snappy-san consummated his budding relationship with “C”, who is seen here at the far right seated on a fake Grecian style bench. She is wearing one of those cute little kerchiefs so popular in the ’70’s.

“C” was a former majorette, a special education teacher, and a modern dancer, all of which Snappy-san found quite alluring. He may have also been attracted to “C” because her parents owned a fine burger and beer joint that overlooked the Atlantic ocean.

Standing over “C” is Snappy-san’s ex-girlfriend from high school, also “C”. Not very long ago, he and she got tangled up on the Internets. This happened right after Snappy-san and she met up at Snappy-san’s father’s funeral.

Alas, Snappy-san’s fling with Miss “C” was short lived. Because Snappy-san is used to be a hopeless romantic of the first order, he took being dumped hard. He thought he had a future with Miss “C” which is completely crazy. Snappy-san’s photo never appeared in his high-school yearbook and no baton twirling majorette would ever stand at the altar with a man like that.

There may or may not be pictures from this short stint back home in Massachusetts. At the moment, Snappy-san cannot find any but he will keep looking.

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